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About Us

Since 2014, our mission has been clear: to craft professional Instagram solutions that empower influencers and brands to attain the popularity needed to boost credibility and recognition on the platform. With offices strategically located in the USA, Italy, and Australia, we are well-positioned to operate seamlessly across the globe, ensuring that you receive the best support possible.


  • The instagram profile must be public
  • The username must not be changed until the end of the service

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For any information or support, contact us at info@vip-followers.com

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  • Followers: real users (picture profile, username, description and some photo uploaded). Followers not arrive immediately after payment but in the day in a random time.
  • Automatic services: for likes and views, The system automatically checks your profile for new uploads. When you post a new picture, it will automatically start receiving services from us in about 5-20 minutes!
    Limits: 3 uploads per day. If you publish more than this quantity, the following pic will be removed from subsequent days, so the service could last less than the purchased time. If you want to post more than 3 photos per day, active below the unlimited service (the price will be increased by 50%).

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